VDMA – Tailored and valuable knowledge for mechanical engineering


The Mechanical Engineering Industry Association VDMA represents the common economic, technical and scientific interests of mechanical engineering vis-à-vis national and international authorities and business circles. Members benefit from its comprehensive and powerful network.

With more than 3,200 members, VDMA is the largest network organisation and the most important voice of mechanical engineering in Germany and Europe. It represents the common economic, technical and scientific interests of mechanical and plant engineering. It is an industry insider, consultant, lobbyist, moderator and platform for the exchange of experience between its members. Its services and topics cover the most important areas of and for companies.

VDMA aligns its activities with the interests of the industry and the members in order to offer them a wide range of offers and information. VDMA has a comprehensive structure for this purpose and is structured as follows to cover all facets of mechanical and plant engineering for its member companies:

  • Trade associations
    38 independent trade associations within the VDMA deal with the wide range of mechanical and plant engineering sectors and provide specialized know-how for the needs of the branches.
  • Departments and Competence Center
    Various cross-sectional departments for foreign trade, business administration, education, information technology, human resources, law, taxation, technology & environment, economics & statistics work on topics for all areas of the company and provide technical support.
  • Working groups, international committees and forums
    The working groups and forums offer platforms for exchange on topics along the value-added chain, or on interdisciplinary topics.
  • Representative office in Brussels
    The VDMA office in Brussels maintains contact with EU institutions and provides early information on political developments affecting mechanical engineering. For decision-makers in Brussels, the VDMA is a competent partner with in-depth knowledge of mechanical engineering so that legislation does not ignore the reality in companies.
  • Offices in foreign markets
    The offices in foreign markets advise and support local companies in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Austria, Poland and Russia.
  • Regional Subsidaries
    The six regional subsidiaries of the VDMA – geographically distributed in Germany – are the direct contact in the region for member companies. They represent the interests of mechanical and plant engineering in their regions and support member companies with up-to-date information on industry-relevant topics, individual advice and practical events.
  • Representative office in Berlin
    The VDMA office in Berlin is in dialogue with the German federal government, ministries, political parties and political institutions in the capital.

A total of around 500 VDMA employees work for the member companies worldwide and offer an extensive portfolio of services to support the operative and strategic business of the member companies. VDMA's expertise focuses in particular on the following areas: